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Which I am pretty much across the board as I changed my tumblr ([ profile] nemonclature ), added an AO3 pseud and my twitter was already [ profile] nemonclature . It's just LJ that I left because I never use it any more.

Midnight Judges by lettered. Okay so as the AN says, at times it's transparently fix it, But towards the end, when everything comes together and people start doing some seriously badass POLITICS and TALKING also there is a LAWYER... FFF I can't tell you how much I love save the world through TALKING plots. Plus it made me start to like Kirk again.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered. (I just wish there was more Sulu)

Teen Wolf 3x01

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Ultimately I was spoiled for the main thing I knew I'd hate. The other things I disliked were mostly ignorable and though they take up space here, in terms of how many watching minutes were devoted to them? They were outnumbered by the fun, positive elements. I just find it easier to talk about and take apart the things that I didn't like than the things I did. I'M SORRY GUYS. THE GLASS IS HALF EMPTY. Overall, like, watch it? For sure. Have fun. But the thing you know you'll hate. Yeah. You gonna hate.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Spoilers under the cut )
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CAPSLOCK DISCWORLD FANCASTING (on [personal profile] synecdochic's DW)


Star Trek: Into Whiteness @ racebending
(see gifset at end.)

The point is John Cho )

Oh also, racism on tv. Newsflash.

Ask no questions, hear no lines by ienablu, Maria Hill fic. Really great Maria characterisation, and I can be picky about her.

Where I don't talk about the fic at all, but about SHIELD (tv) instead )

This Is Just To Say

I have killed
the characters
in the

they passed
the Bechdel test
Forgive me?

is so easy
and inspirational. - MY NEW FAVOURITE THING. TAKE M/M + regender = INSTANT FEMSLASH! It changes names and everything.

(Thanks to [community profile] fail_fandomanon . Which is pure gold. btw. I thought it'd be all wank, which, it has some, but mostly it's gold. And fic recs)

A couple of trailers I missed in my last post:

'Byzantium' and 'The Company You Keep' )
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trail of trailers )

And a vid to tail this all off with:

Broken Crown vid by almostgaby: OMFG. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CRY? I don't usually go for Thor/Loki, but provided I can see it as familial/gen. Then I am THERE. (On that note, where the fuck is the 'Somebody that I used to know' Thor/Loki vid? BECAUSE EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT SONG IS THEM.)
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I randomly started singing hymns and most of my family were mostly nonplussed, but C totally got me.


We Three Kings (of Orient are, selling knickers at tuppence a pair. They're fantastic, no ela-astic, come and buy a pair...)
Were you there (With an epic race fail montage of starving African babies and White Jesus. "And the creed and the colour and the name won't matter". Ahaha.)
God rest ye Merry Gentlemen (Annie Lennox style. Why is there not a Yuletide fic about this?)
Lord of the Dance (With Michael Flatley, because HOW ELSE?)
Morning has broken (by Cat Stevens, because Muslims singing Christian hymns is what this whole post is about.)
I vow to thee my country (by Katherine Jenkins? IDK who she is, but her eye-shadow is EPIC.)
Jerusalem (which I always loved, but never really got. I assume it's something to do with White Jesus saving our souls?

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I'm going to have another bash at vidding and see if I can rustle something up for VidUKon. I've got an idea for something vaguely apocalyptic, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with my list of apocalypse movies? I'm trying to stick with only the ones where the apocalypse happens in the move (or is about to happen) so nothing post-apoca. It seems to basically be Mother Nature/War/Zombies/Aliens, are there any other common threats?

list )

Also I have this idea for a vid that I'd like to make in the future that's sort of meta. About all those movies that boil down to: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF TWO WHITE BOYS (IN LOVE). And how women's stories and POC's stories get sidelined as a result. All the fail inherent in fandom's pet loves, looking at not just the canon, but also the fanon that builds up around it. 

Something that starts as straightforward squee: YAY Erik/Charles, YAY Tony/Steve, YAY Loki/Thor, YAY Clint/Phil (which is a great example of the fanon building up around the canon in a 'pro-white boys in love' way.) Then the focus shifts and it's not YAY, it's HEY WAIT. WHAT ABOUT THESE PEOPLE? WHERE HAVE ALL THE WOMEN GONE? OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE ALL THE BLACK GUYS DEAD?

So I thought about Put it There Pal by Richard Thompson. (Lyrics).

I like the song, but I'm not sure how great it'd be to vid too, it's too long, so I'd have to edit, and Thompson's enunciation. HAHA. (though I can always put lyrics in the vid post).

Can anyone think of a song that might fit? Something about empty heroes/attention grabbers/people who aren't what they say they are? I thought of Carly Simon's 'Your so Vain' but there's no real twist to that. Something that's literally:

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Watched Waitress again. Loved it, so entirely women's pov, women's stories. Tough issues with a light and slightly surreal touch. Only nitpick is spoilers )

I've been listening to Just A Minute recently, and I was thinking about comedians and how doing a show like that is mostly about being quick-witted. It's all banter, you know? Hearing something, saying something sharp or funny or sarcastic without really having any time to think about it.

And then I started thinking about the Avengers Theatre AU and the Loki problem. I mean, flyting is basically a war of banter and 'your mum' jokes. Only with slightly more entrails and torture.

So, Loki the comedian. A comedian hired to be the villain in the panto, so we still get the villain thing.

I'm actually going to have to write this now aren't I?

I'm Glad You Came by shadowhisper


GAH. I didn't even. That wasn't supposed to happen. Now I'm going to have to start watching it properly.


mostly recs, a couple of anti-recs and some thoughts on race fail and remakes )
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Whitewashing! Yay! (Word. to the first comment on that second link)

Isn't Hollywood the bestest?

(Also I love how the names he's apparently beaten for the role? More white guys. I mean. Armie fucking Hammer? It's like Assassin's Creed's Desmond being played by Fassbender. Yeah, that totally works. He's so very mixed race).
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There's something awesome about those Gary Stu wish-fulfilment HP fics. )

Remember all that HP fic MSTing that used to go on? Remember pottersues? Remember when epic_rants had claws and wasn't just another reccing site? Remember weeping cock? (Wishing you didn't remember it now?) How about badfic_quotes? Or the mother of all fuck-ups, fandom_wank?

Looking over them, a lot seem to still be updating. I guess it's just my fault for drifting away from the dark and seedy underbelly of fanfic. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

((Posting about those two things together may or may not be related.))

Justified S1 rewatch )

Prometheus )
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I wrote a grand total of fuck all today. Very fail. I've signed up for three separate challenges (because I hate myself, clearly). One I wrote some for but now can't face continuing. One has imploded in a a fiery fit of FML, this plot bunny is made of suck, and the last I'm now afraid to start because it has plot and I'm worried it'll make like the FML suck bunny of fire and death and awful terribleness.

So instead have random unrelated things I have been doing to distract myself:

I made this for dinner. I now have enough to feed a small army. (Well, fine. A very small army. Of four.)

Cooking blather )

I'm reading The Journey of the Soul: The story of Hai bin Yaqzan by Ibn Tufail which is an allegorical tale that follows the life of Hai bin Yaqzan, and talks about, variously: the path towards enlightenment; enlightenment thorugh spiritual experience vs enlightenment through knowledge; society vs solitude; religion vs spirituality; and the scientific method.

It's all fairly interesting stuff. Just... not exactly my kind of stuff. I'll review properly it when I'm done, but for now, I quite liked this bit:

"If the universe is an event, it must have a cause and if it had a cause, why did it act when it did and not earlier? Was there something which influenced the cause? But if there was nothing except the cause, how could anything influence it? Was the explanation simply that the cause had experienced a change in its essence? But if so, there must have been a cause that caused this change."

... And then his head exploded.

Trailers )

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Dominic Cooper, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Whishaw, Rupert Friend, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy ...

pic heavy )
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Tom Hiddleston talking about Archipelago to The Herald (Scotland)

“It’s about an inarticulate middle-class family,” he explains. “The truth is that actually here are these people who are quite closely related but they’re not very connected – and that’s both cringe-making and hilarious, in a way.”

Do we really need another of those stories? )
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I love how Abed, the very obviously desi boy, is cast as half Palestinian. And guess what? It's not just him! Not only is his dad Asian, he even kept his Asian accent, because foreigners all sound the same! Duh! And his mum going by the face pic in his film, she's Asian too! And the mirror!security guard, YUP Asian as well.

I so love how one brown is irreplaceable with another. Don't you love it? Isn't it just the FUCKING BEST?

Apart from that I am actually enjoying Community )
ETA: Season one outtakes. BECAUSE. THE BATMAN.

Once Upon a Time )


Friends with Benefits )
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I had been writing while on the metro in to work. Epic teen wolf boyangst, almost missed my stop a few times. But my bicing card has come through now, and unfortunately writing and cycling don't go well together. (Unless you mean writing + cycling = DEAD.)

So. I might still take the metro for the longer journeys, which means two days out of four will be 'teen wolf writing' journeys and the other two... 'try not to get run over while cycling' journeys.


I'm not sure whether I should finish the AU at the end of ep 1 or continue. If I let it, I can see it's going to take over my every waking moment and I'd like to have enough drive to write other things in the fandom. I've been trawling [ profile] comment_fic for prompts which is always fun.

kink, POC, and gender thoughts (still about TW) )

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