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  • So my twitter account seems to have been hacked, since I was suddenly following 1000 or so accounts.I painstakingly unfollowed, only to watch random people get followed before my eyes, without me doing anything. IDK how or why such a pointless hack exists, but whatever. My twitter account is now deactivated. I never used it anyway.
  • Love this: Sam Storyteller's Rewriting Firefly
  • Shutdown LK Hamilton - She's trolling us isn't she? It's like that Joaquin Phoenix/Casey Afleck stunt. It's going to turn out to be an elaborate performance piece. Deliberately destroying her writing. Picking up the pieces that are the most awful, rewriting them in particular. Cutting out anything good, writing more of the worst. She's actually honed it. It was a process. There was dross in amongst the good, then more dross and the good dropped to mediocre. And then it was awful amongst the bad and now it's ALL AWFUL. I think. I think I'm in awe. I think she might just be the Antichrist. Wow.
  • Undoing Maleficent - So wait, giving depth and complexity to female characters is 'undoing' them? You'd rather have them remain beautiful cyphers? Their two dimensionality lending them... what? Better fap value? Because messy real people with ups and downs and good and bad don't fantasise so well? Ok, that's inflammatory of me, STILL THOUGH. I call bullshit. (Also, what trend? Wicked and this? Two movies? Srsly?) It's all well and good to call for 'new characters' but if the execs are going to greenlight new characs it's gonna be 'white male antiheroes' a la every single show on tv right now. Not 'complex female villains without an existing fanbase'. If we want interesting female characs on our screens, then we have to look for already famous ones, no one will take the risk on new ones because the entire industry is loaded against us. So, you know. Fuck off Mr internet writer guy.
  • So I have Good Wife thoughts, looking back at the characters and how they've grown and looking at the different friendships, and looking at what chances they've missed along the way and which they've leapt on, and putting things in perspective and so on and so forth. but right now whenever I think about the show, it's either CAPSLOCK SCREAMING. or it's me curled up in the foetal position crying. SO. MAYBE LATER. WHEN I HAVE PUT MY HEART BACK TOGETHER.

Thief Gold

thoughts on finishing the game. )
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Do you think, if there was an alien invasion, fandom would get online and update people. Like, warn people. "Yes, this shit is going down in my corner of the world as well."

Do you think you'd contact all those random people you have in your gchat contacts who you emailed once when you were 17 and never spoke to again?

If they looked and sounded human, do you think you'd guess it was an alien invasion as oppose to some sort of spectacularly organised military coup. Or IDK, terrorist coup. It's not really terrorist modus operandi, to try and take over the world.

What would be the most efficient way of colonising an entire planet? Take out the military I guess. I mean, setting aside any sort of mind-control equipment because that's cheating. Maybe some sort of subversive behind the scenes replacing of the political leaders would be better? Rather less exciting narrative-wise if we're conducting a Mary Sue fantasy/'What to do in case of Alien Invasion' primer. I mean, I can't really get involved with the replacement of the PM, but aliens landing in the field? That I can do.

The problem with alien invasion scenarios is that they're so diverse. It's not like the Zombie Apocalypse, I am so ready for that.

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I didn't watch tv for weeks and then I caught up on a month's worth a weekend ago. I'm probably behind again now. Anyway, quick catch up:

The Following, Justified, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Xena, Lost Girl, Vikings )
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I do not hate the new lj Friends page (or 'Feed' as it has been renamed.) It looks kinda like a tumblr dashboard and the standard text size is larger than the old Friends page standard text size for my layout. (I have eyesight issues.) How is this not a good thing? It's blue and white and otherwise uninteresting. People freak over the strangest things.

Reading fic with characters who are teachers. Instead of criticising the writing elements (OOCness or showing/telling etc,) I'm finding fault in their teaching style. (What? No. STOP OVER-EXPLAINING THINGS, MY GOD. JUST SHUT UP AND TEACH THEM.)

This teaching lark has clearly gone too far.

The whole, using song lyrics for fic titles thing? Is it me or is it on the rise? And, I'm not exactly complaining, because that'd be terribly hypocritical since I am guilty of doing it myself. And also I do understand both hearing a song that perfectly sums up your fic, and the awful flail for a title after writing which ends with you grabbing the next words you hear.

But. Man. I have so many random songs stuck in my head now. Jeez. Can we go for the more obscure, less catchy ones? Or at least, no more Goddamn Florence and the Machine. I like 'em, I do, but enough is enough.

I'm sort of all over the place with tv. I'm also running about a week behind what's currently aired. Mostly though I just hate everything? Not hate with a fire of a thousand suns, but just. I throw my hands up in despair. Nothing seems to be going the way of awesome. Everything is mediocre.

nothing particularly spoilery, but just in case... )

I didn't actually intend this post to be such a downer, so have some random amusing things to finish off with:

Forbidden Familiars: THIS IS SO BAD, NO SERIOUSLY. SO BAD.

Like, I'm inclined to believe it's a joke? It's every awful thing fanfic can ever be all in one fic. IDK. It takes skills to get that amount of awful in one fic. Bad fic just makes you click away, but this level of badfic. You can't help yourself, it's a slo-mo traincrash or something. IDK. It's just SO AWFUL I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN. SO SO WRONG. AND AWFUL AND I WAS LAUGHING SO FUCKING HARD MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.

(Also, insanely NSFW.)

Apparently BSG: Blood and Chrome IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED. As a webseries, but still. VISUAL BSG-NESS. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?
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TGW E01S04 )

Revenge E01S02 )

Elementary E01S01 )

Revolution E01-03S01 )

Rewatching SGU with [ profile] theoret. We're up to episode 8 or 9? S1


I also read cleanwhiteroom's mathematique. WIP, so you may want to avoid, except for how cwr is a fucking AMAYZING writer (who also wrote Force over Distance which I recced at [community profile] nemo_recs, well worth a look), so don't avoid, just go and court WIP heartache. You won't regret it.

It's an AU where Young meets Rush when he's doing his crazy Gloria's-just-dead, maths-chevrons-gate, Icarus-project-not-yet-a-reality thing. Also the Lucian Alliance are trying to kidnap Rush and this may or may not be just for his brain.

THERE IS DRAMA. IT IS EPIC. And lots and lots of other Stargate series cameos if that's your thing. Vala is pretty cool.

tv update

Feb. 23rd, 2012 11:50 pm
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'Last week on Justified' - I forgot to mention last time, but that bit where Boyd knocked Tanner down and then told him - "Now you tell your boss, if he has anything to say in replaaaaaa-aaaaaah..."


Justified ep 1x06 )



TGW ep 3x15 )

FFFF. ELENA. I wish I looked that good in the mornings. She should have eyes gummed shut with sleep, hair all over the fucking place, and red lines from where her sheet has marked her cheek. YOU ARE NOT REAL. IS THIS SOME DOPPLEGANGER POWER?

TVD ep 3x15 )

OH THE DRAMA. I'm so glad I got into this show. Honestly, it's overdramatic WIN.

Revenge ep 1x15 )
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I tried posting this a few days ago, but DW ate it. This is my awesome reduced to bullet points. I'm sure you're all dreadfully disappointed.

- Strange and Untrue by crickets: This vid gives me ALL THE FEELINGS.
- Case Histories: Unexpectedly interesting. Jason Isaacs gets all my older-man crush feelings going (It's not just Raylan). I like the accents and I like Edinburgh, it's such a gorgeous city.
- Brandon Flowers - Crossfire: YES. THIS. Heroines to the rescue. Also ninjas.

Belated episode thoughts...

Justified 3x02 )

Justified 3x03 )

TGW 3x14 )

TVD 3x12 )

Revenge, eps 1-13 )

mostly tv

Jan. 19th, 2012 11:16 pm
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The Good Wife 3x13. Entirely superficial not! recap:-- Kalinda, you looked REALLY HOT this episode. I think was the colour of her top, plus some stellar make up? Not sure what exactly, but her skin had all these different tones. She's gorgeous. Not that they couldn't cut back further on the black and increase the use of colour. (Navy? Dark brown? THERE ARE OPTIONS, OKAY.)

Once Upon A Time 1x09. Entirely fed-up not!recap:-- Fuck it. Emma you lose at life. Henry you are an ungrateful shit. Regina, I love you. Rumplestiltskin, I love you as well. Snow and Charming, you're all right but you don't get enough screen time. Everyone else, you are MADE OF BORING. (Red, you are still super!hot). Even mystery man-on-motorbike isn't enough to keep me interested. I had hopes, possibly not very high, but they were middling. Show, you ruined them. Now how am I going to get my Carlyle kick? Bring back SGU, you losers.

Sherlock 2x03/entire season 2. Entirely obsessed not!recap:-- I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE YEAR? (Or possibly just under a year) FFFFFUUUUUU. John, you were the wonderfullest wonderful ever to wonderful. Sherlock, you were manic this entire season, but it did make sense in context. Moriarty, you were the best villain in the entire world ever. He gave me shivers, actual physical shivers. I have to watch everything with Andrew Scott in now. EVERYTHING. HIS FACE. MY GOD. Molly and Lestrade, you were great, wish they'd had more screen time, but we got some nice round the edges character development, especially ep 1 and 3. Shame there wasn't more Sally and shame Anthea didn't seem to exist (though we did get more Mycroft, which I certainly approve of.) It was deffo darker this season, which makes me wonder where they're going to go in 3. Even more darker-er?

The Thousandth Man, by Rudyard Kipling
(Taken from mariole@lj)

Oh wow, this really is about John, especially considering... ep3 spoilers... )

Underage ships in Whip It fic )

Anyway, somewhat related, I HAVE ROLLER SKATES! I realise this would make more sense had I told the internet about my intention to take up Roller Derby, so consider this a belated reveal. I INTEND TO TAKE UP ROLLER DERBY! )

Their Eyes Were Watching God. )

Crazy Stupid Love )

Drive )
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I love how Abed, the very obviously desi boy, is cast as half Palestinian. And guess what? It's not just him! Not only is his dad Asian, he even kept his Asian accent, because foreigners all sound the same! Duh! And his mum going by the face pic in his film, she's Asian too! And the mirror!security guard, YUP Asian as well.

I so love how one brown is irreplaceable with another. Don't you love it? Isn't it just the FUCKING BEST?

Apart from that I am actually enjoying Community )
ETA: Season one outtakes. BECAUSE. THE BATMAN.

Once Upon a Time )


Friends with Benefits )
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So, following on from previous Bollywood-ness. I decided I need to catch up on some movies. considering I've seen a grand total of about 5 Bollywood films, this may take a while. I watched Devdas (2002), didn't realise there were multiple versions until after. I'm gonna watch the 1955 one as well if I can bear it. Because, you see... IT'S ALL ABOUT DEVDAS' MANPAIN. To be fair, the title should have tipped me off. But, okay, I'm not expecting much by way of any sort of equality in these movies. Have a tangential explanation: I read someone's post about silly actioners recently in which they were complaining about various fails, and it got me thinking about my 'silly bang bang' category of films, (action, explosions), and how I don't expect anything from them. They serve exactly the purpose stated - fire go boom! So while the various fails register, they don't hurt.

The same thing mostly applies here. Except. This was epic bad, guys. I know it's a famous story, plus it's basically a retelling of Krishna/Radha and so I feel bad knocking it. But, but... THE MANPAIN OMFG. He fucks up his relationship with Paro thanks to his indecision and cowardice, and then he proceeds to DRINK HIMSELF TO DEATH. That's it, literally. The only other thing he manages to do is verbally abuse Chandramukhi into falling in love with him (yeah IDK either.) Plus there's the whole scarring Paro by hitting her in the face with a necklace in order to show his love.

I mean, all the various fails: the marriage focus, the evul in-laws, the getting locked in her house by her husband. All that is pretty much par for the course, but, egad the manpain. There's all the stuff the women do: Paro has to be the step-mother in this new family and deal with a husband in love with his dead wife. Chandramukhi is a whore as Devdas so likes to remind her, she has to be savvy and clever and fight off EVIL MOUSTACHE's amorous overtures. BUT NO INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THAT, WE FOCUS ON DEVDAS ROLLING AROUND THE PLACE DRINKING AND AND MAINPAINING HIS WAY THROUGH HIS USELESS LIFE.

Basically I just want fic where Paro and Chandramukhi elope and live in sin together. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Anyway, on a more shallow note Shakrukh Khan's nose was as large as ever, eyebrows were as awesome as ever, and Ashwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit are both stupidly gorgeous. Dola Re Dola was my favourite song/dance scene, even if it does fail the Bechdel test (what am I saying? The entire movie fails it). IT SHOWCASES THE FEMSLASH POTENTIAL THOUGH. Also it features bonus creepy moustache being creepy. He goes on to EPIC REVEAL Chandramukhi as a whore in the next scene.

If I were to do an 'official' SGU rewatch, would anyone be interested? I could plug it not just at [ profile] young_rush but at one of the general sgu comms as well. How regular are rewatches usually? One ep a day? Plus there's the question of timezones. Also there needs to be some sort of liveblogging element. AIM would be easiest for me since I already have it, but maybe ljchat would be an easier option for everyone else? How does ljchat even work? Anyone used it before?

TVD -- Strange and Untrue by [ profile] crickets.


OH SHOW. You were fail and I hate you for that. But I can't quit you. Damn it I'm already missing you. Come back.

TGW 3x09 )

Going Postal )

New Girl )

Once Upon a Time )
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Feel so sick. Sore throat turned into hideous flu-ishness and today has been a total write off.

EVOL. Found via the Unspeak blog by Steven Poole.

Also check out this extract from the intro of Unspeak, it's a good book, I enjoyed it.

Subtravelling. On the metro they've got this short film festival going on. These two are my favourites: Le Grand Jeu by Yannick Pecherannd-Molliex and Signs by Vincent Gallagher

TGW ep 8

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TGW catchup eps 4 & 5 )


I have one hundred billionty things to do, I NEED TO STOP READING AVENGERS AND TEEN WOLF FIC. PLEASE. STOP ME NOW. )

Been listening to this on loop for the past week.


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