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I've started watching Mr Robot. (NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I'm only 3 eps in)

under cut in case you haven't seen those 3 eps and don't want to be spoiled. )

I watch cop shows when I cook, it's this whole thing. Mostly I can't stand them, but when I'm cooking it works 'cos they're usually about long enough for me to cook dinner and then eat dinner, plus if I miss a bit it's fine cos they always re-cap plot stuff in police type meetings or whatever it is police type people do.

Anyway, so I've been on iplayer for War and Peace (Paul Danno, so good). And I've started watching Shetland, which. Yes, mainly for the accents. But also because Ciaran Hinds. Also turns out Duckface is in it as well, which is cool.

Archie Panjabi also showed up, which is great, because more Archie on my TV always, but a little sucky, because she seems to be playing the same type AGAIN. (I blame The Good Wife for this btw, she's clearly in a rut). She's got the whole, quiet, pressing lips together, inwardly sighing thing going. Plus she randomly fucked DI Perez. IDK about you, but I always fuck random colleagues from out of town the first day we meet. What? That's not how it works in real police biz? No shit.

So yeah, I mean step down from Gillian Anderson, babe, but still. Please stop casting her as some variation on the femme fatale. I'd like her to play someone ridiculous and expressive some time soon, preferably without the lead using her to get their rocks off in the next scene.

Anyway, solid Brit cast, solid crime drama. I keep wishing all the dead people were not dead though. I'm just not cut out for crime dramas really.
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I was thinking about that fic I recced a few posts back, where I assumed the narrator was female. Because I was reading articles and I repeatedly assumed female, and had to recalibrate when I realised 'my wife' meant 'I am a het man' not 'I am a lesbian'. Or when the author mentions his kids calling him Daddy (wait, what? who the fuck is dad- OH. RIGHT). I AUTOMATICALLY assume EVERYONE on the internet is female. Not just in fandom. EVERYONE. I don't even think about it. And then K is like. LOL that meme, "There are no girls on the internet" and I'm like. WHAT? WHAT WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN?

I find I'm looking for the reblog button when I'm scrolling through my DW flist. GDI TUMBLR. YOU RUINED ME.

Between the new Veronica Mars trailer and the Loki thing?* I am gonna go to Comic Con one day. It's gonna happen. It's gonna be THE SHIT.

*(watching that gives me both intense squee/shivery feelings and embarrassment squick. IDEK).

True Blood... um. recent episodes. 5 and 6?


Other things also happened. )

Orange is the new black.

I always expect so much violence rape and murder from prison shows or films. It weirds me out when you see mostly people getting on with their lives. To be fair, it's clearly a way lower security prison than the ones in Prison Break or Oz, (presumably? haven't actually seen Oz). or any of the movies I've seen.

I mean, there's prison wives and scary in charge people. But it's mostly used to keep referencing Piper's past girlfriend/lesbianism. In fact, mostly just so they can bring up lesbianism in every ep. I can't work out if this is a good thing or not. I think my final opinion will depend greatly on whether she ditches Mr American Pie and goes for the ex-girlfriend.

Anyway, it's an amusing set up and interesting enough characters.

Here are some as I watch reactions (for the whole season - spoilers) )

Watched Pacific Rim to see what the fuss was about. )
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Ramadan's started, so I've been staying up 'till Suhur instead of going to sleep and waking up again, and in order to stay up, I have been watching a loooot of tv.

IDK if I already posted this : Orphan Black reviews. by 12_12_12 - Awesome because [personal profile] 12_12_12 IS ALWAYS AWESOME, but also relevant to the post I made a while back about Loki and parentage issues AND my issues with OUaT and parentage, because Orphan Black is a show that manages to do parentage issues pretty well. (apart from the [spoiler] )
Pitch Perfect. )

I have singing classes on Tues at the local school, and when I'm waiting before class I do a bit of link finding for metanews. Only the school internet firewall blocks certain sites. You know, those awful porny, bad for kids sites... like livejournal ("blog/social interaction") or AO3 ("offensive and tasteless"), but apparently that tumblr that's full of dick pics is ok.

Fashion dance vid thing. It's awesome, just click.

Just read a fic where Stiles doesn't know how to make a cup of tea. The fuck? It's not fucking rocket science. How the fuck do you lose a teabag in a mug?

Trance really annoyed me )

Stoker - Pretty much as I expected. Gorgeous visually and very fucked up.

spoilers )

13 going on 30

Nice enough. Some moments of embarrassment squick that meant I had to fast forward. Ruffalo is one of those guys who looks better as he gets older I think.

Beautiful Creatures

It has the guy from Stoker in. Took me a while to place him. Plus all the British actors playing all the accent acrobatics. IDEK what that movie was. It was strangely enjoyable whilst watching, and at the same time utterly awful.

The Heat )

I skipped through The Internship for the Stiles scenes. )

Austenland - GIVE IT TO ME
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7 Things your flight attendant wants you to know - (No 7.) I didn't know kids could still visit the cockpit (after landing). That makes me so happy! I was inordinately sad when I heard that wasn't a thing any more. I mean, I understood it, but it was still sad to hear. I remember going into the cockpit as a kid and being AMAZED. ALL THE BUTTONS. SO MANY BUTTONS. THE COOLEST FLYING MACHINE IN THE WORLD.

Spiderman playing basketball with local kids between takes - NGL part of me is thinking, hmm, clever marketing, guys. But most of me is just. SPIDERMAN, YOU ARE THE HERO THAT GIVES ME THE MOST NORMAL PEOPLE FEELS. Like, the train scene? The crane scene? Ugh. Just stop.

Common Law Gag Reel - STUPID DANCING. [personal profile] theoret . FOR YOUR VID. WHY WAS THIS SHOW CANCELLED???? WHYYYYYY?

Orphan Black (S1 spoilers) )

After Earth )
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Which I am pretty much across the board as I changed my tumblr ([ profile] nemonclature ), added an AO3 pseud and my twitter was already [ profile] nemonclature . It's just LJ that I left because I never use it any more.

Midnight Judges by lettered. Okay so as the AN says, at times it's transparently fix it, But towards the end, when everything comes together and people start doing some seriously badass POLITICS and TALKING also there is a LAWYER... FFF I can't tell you how much I love save the world through TALKING plots. Plus it made me start to like Kirk again.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered. (I just wish there was more Sulu)

Teen Wolf 3x01

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Dracula tv promo (NBC)

At the end of the trailer - Why would you bite into her windpipe? I can just imagine him doing that and then there would be wheezing and attempted screaming and just. Mess.

Also. They made Renfield a balck guy. AHAHAHA wow, please, try and fail harder. JUST TRY.


Will Jonathan Rhys Meyers wear the blue tinted John Lennon glasses, is the real question.

gary oldman as dracula photo dracula15.jpg

Also I always thought JRM was a sleaze so I'll bet hell be great as the sleazy version of Dracula. (I thought Danny Blue Eyes (Marc Warren) was great as the creepy version of Dracula, because he really nails creepy. He nails cocky and adorable as well, but tvland seems to have forgotten that).

Where are the tv versions of Carmilla? HUH? We could have a modern version as well. It could be like, the L-word, only with vampires.


Red Widowcapslock thoughts on the finale )

Orphan Black: Finally got round to starting this. First ep was EPIC. Dodgy accents abound, but other than that, SO ON BOARD.

Everything else I am still avoiding because reasons. Though I might try and catch up on House of Lies again because IM3 made me miss Don Cheadle on my TV.
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I don't really get the point of omega verse AUs. )

Shake it Out by Elandria Lore (Teen Wolf: Lydia)
I would like for this to happen. That's another thing about HBIC Lydia, it just skips over the bit where she has to deal with al the fucked up shit S2 put her through and actually, I quite like trauma fics.

Moves by [ profile] sisabet (Teen Wolf: Stiles)
Aw Stiles

[ profile] askmisspotts - So I went and asked a whole bunch of 'Dear Miss Potts...' questions. Because all questions should be asked politely, guys. (Mwahaha and someone seems to have copied my format. I shall spread stealth politeness through the entire interwebs. Mwahahaaaaa!)

Thor: The Dark World trailer

Teardrops by [ profile] almostgaby (Inception: Mal/ensemble)
Why couldn't we have had this movie? The movie about Mal, who drew them in, who was the centre of all their worlds, who brought them all together then lost herself. (Feathers on my Breath by [ profile] ifeelbetter is a wonderful, atmospheric fic written for the vid.)


Defiance pilot

Spoilers under the cut )

So, my overall opinion, it looks good, but lacks substance. I'm willing to hold out, because early eps are often so, so shit. And pilots are always about the big battle bullshit. Honestly though, I love scifi, and I'm willing to forgive a lot provided I'm given aliens and/or spaceships.
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Do you think, if there was an alien invasion, fandom would get online and update people. Like, warn people. "Yes, this shit is going down in my corner of the world as well."

Do you think you'd contact all those random people you have in your gchat contacts who you emailed once when you were 17 and never spoke to again?

If they looked and sounded human, do you think you'd guess it was an alien invasion as oppose to some sort of spectacularly organised military coup. Or IDK, terrorist coup. It's not really terrorist modus operandi, to try and take over the world.

What would be the most efficient way of colonising an entire planet? Take out the military I guess. I mean, setting aside any sort of mind-control equipment because that's cheating. Maybe some sort of subversive behind the scenes replacing of the political leaders would be better? Rather less exciting narrative-wise if we're conducting a Mary Sue fantasy/'What to do in case of Alien Invasion' primer. I mean, I can't really get involved with the replacement of the PM, but aliens landing in the field? That I can do.

The problem with alien invasion scenarios is that they're so diverse. It's not like the Zombie Apocalypse, I am so ready for that.

Welcome to the Punch )

I didn't watch tv for weeks and then I caught up on a month's worth a weekend ago. I'm probably behind again now. Anyway, quick catch up:

The Following, Justified, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Xena, Lost Girl, Vikings )
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I do not hate the new lj Friends page (or 'Feed' as it has been renamed.) It looks kinda like a tumblr dashboard and the standard text size is larger than the old Friends page standard text size for my layout. (I have eyesight issues.) How is this not a good thing? It's blue and white and otherwise uninteresting. People freak over the strangest things.

Reading fic with characters who are teachers. Instead of criticising the writing elements (OOCness or showing/telling etc,) I'm finding fault in their teaching style. (What? No. STOP OVER-EXPLAINING THINGS, MY GOD. JUST SHUT UP AND TEACH THEM.)

This teaching lark has clearly gone too far.

The whole, using song lyrics for fic titles thing? Is it me or is it on the rise? And, I'm not exactly complaining, because that'd be terribly hypocritical since I am guilty of doing it myself. And also I do understand both hearing a song that perfectly sums up your fic, and the awful flail for a title after writing which ends with you grabbing the next words you hear.

But. Man. I have so many random songs stuck in my head now. Jeez. Can we go for the more obscure, less catchy ones? Or at least, no more Goddamn Florence and the Machine. I like 'em, I do, but enough is enough.

I'm sort of all over the place with tv. I'm also running about a week behind what's currently aired. Mostly though I just hate everything? Not hate with a fire of a thousand suns, but just. I throw my hands up in despair. Nothing seems to be going the way of awesome. Everything is mediocre.

nothing particularly spoilery, but just in case... )

I didn't actually intend this post to be such a downer, so have some random amusing things to finish off with:

Forbidden Familiars: THIS IS SO BAD, NO SERIOUSLY. SO BAD.

Like, I'm inclined to believe it's a joke? It's every awful thing fanfic can ever be all in one fic. IDK. It takes skills to get that amount of awful in one fic. Bad fic just makes you click away, but this level of badfic. You can't help yourself, it's a slo-mo traincrash or something. IDK. It's just SO AWFUL I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN. SO SO WRONG. AND AWFUL AND I WAS LAUGHING SO FUCKING HARD MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.

(Also, insanely NSFW.)

Apparently BSG: Blood and Chrome IS FINALLY BEING RELEASED. As a webseries, but still. VISUAL BSG-NESS. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?
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TGW E01S04 )

Revenge E01S02 )

Elementary E01S01 )

Revolution E01-03S01 )

Rewatching SGU with [ profile] theoret. We're up to episode 8 or 9? S1


I also read cleanwhiteroom's mathematique. WIP, so you may want to avoid, except for how cwr is a fucking AMAYZING writer (who also wrote Force over Distance which I recced at [community profile] nemo_recs, well worth a look), so don't avoid, just go and court WIP heartache. You won't regret it.

It's an AU where Young meets Rush when he's doing his crazy Gloria's-just-dead, maths-chevrons-gate, Icarus-project-not-yet-a-reality thing. Also the Lucian Alliance are trying to kidnap Rush and this may or may not be just for his brain.

THERE IS DRAMA. IT IS EPIC. And lots and lots of other Stargate series cameos if that's your thing. Vala is pretty cool.

It's alive!

Oct. 2nd, 2012 11:29 pm
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Revenge -- I finally finished watching the last few eps of season one


Worst way to find out your series has started its new season... SPOILERS ON FUCKING TUMBLR. MY EYES.THEY BURN.

Just putting this out there - I legitimately want a dreamatorium. No seriously, I'm not kidding. I want one.

The City and the City was absolutely fucking epic. It was amazing, I loved it. While the setting was far and away the best part, the plot was a solid crime drama, the main character was compelling and the sides were interesting.

As for Embassytown, the language elements were very interesting. The plot twisted in an unexpected way, but ultimately it didn't grab me in the same way The City did. I'm not sure I can pinpoint why, probably just that I found The City so compelling a setting, my expectations were perhaps too high?

I stand by what I said re-dictionary swallowing. Bloody Hell.

[Spoilers for The City] )


Was watching In the Bullpen by genusshrike (Natasha vid) which may well be the best thing since sliced bread, but then I see that scene near the end with Clint staring holes in Loki's head and Loki's eyeflick and then NATASHA WHISPERING SOMETHING IN CLINT'S EAR, AND HIS SHIT-EATING GRIN. And omg the amount of fucked up denial and fronting and PTSD fuckery in that threesome. YES FUCKING PLEASE. NATASHA CLINT AND LOKI TRAPPED IN A CAVE. BRING IT.

SFX in Brokeback mountain. (Also known as that CG sheep movie?)

Trailers )


Apr. 11th, 2012 11:59 pm
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I was going to wait and post this with the rest of my tv thoughts, but then I watched 3x13 and I needed to share right away.

Justified 3x10 )


3x11 )


3x12 )


3x13 )

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